Friday, September 12, 2014

10 Weirdest Things on Google Street View


Top 10: A group of people with pigeon heads stood either side of the Google car spotted in Tokyo.
The pigeons' were staff writers from humour website daily portal Z.

Top 9: A man stands on a Detroit porch pointing a gun at the street view car. A few months prior, the body of a 1-year-old had been found in a closet in that house.

Top 8: A baby on its own in the middle of the sidewalk outside GUCCI. There are no adults in sight on the street in Taiwan.

Top 7: Top gear's the Stig was seen standing at Loch Ness, Scotland. The appearance was thought to be a stunt to promote the book, "Where's Stig?"

Top 6: A man hides in a Mexican forest wearing a gas mask. The Google car caught him crouching between trees in 2012.

Top 5: A naked man climbing out of the trunk of a Mercedes in Germany. Spotted weeks after street view's launch, Google quickly removed the image.

Top 4: In 2009 Waldo was found on street view in Putney, London. The competition to find him was announced in 2009 to celebrate the launch of street view.

Top 3: A penguin being towed in the trailer of a penny farthing. The toy penguin stabilizes the bike of champion penny farthing racer Nicky Armstrong.

Top 2: Street view spotted drug dealers selling on a Brooklyn street corner. Found with heroin, marijuana & drug paraphernalia, they were arrested.A group of people with pigeon heads stood either

Top 1: A prostitute and her client were caught in the act down an alley in Manchester, England. The image was deleted in 2013 after Google received complains.

Which one you found was most weirdest?

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